2019 (c) Karl Strand

Before The Rain


 I guess we can fuck if we must                                   

You and I both know it will be a bust                       

Why must every dream be trailed by tears                  

Everything’s corrupted by our fears                 


I’m not sure I want to play that game               

I swear I heard the wind call my name              

So I’ll be going before the rain starts falling               

I’ll be going before the rain starts falling           

Before the rain starts falling                              


I might sound like a dime store Cassandra

And I don’t want to paint every white wall black

I’m a night bomber flying blind through the flak (but you, baby, you)

You’re the dog from Hell who cuts no one no slack


Believe in this, believe in that – or nothing

Pain or love or lust, They’re silly things

You heard me, I insist, I’ll pass on this

I don’t have the kind of heart needed for bliss