2019 (c) Karl Strand

But Me


 I stayed by your side holding your hand till you broke apart                                 

 In the early morning light, in the fog of a ragged dawn                             

You didn’t see my company as something you should seek                                  

Yet the grandest fools once set their very own slaves free                                     


                        But me, I longed for you                  


 I watched your blood flow like a river of pain

All the fun we had, the women, they were in vain

The cocaine hung about like a mist of divine origin

I’m left holding your hand while you do your dying    


                        But me, I cared about you 


 I'll watch your lights go out                                     

Pretend everything’s alright                                     

That our lives were not in vain                                 

We managed to escape the pain                               

To escape the pain                                        


 Your dying light sinks down over the horizon

The night grows cold at the prospect of being alone

It’s too much, too much, even for me

It’s too much, too much, for a fiend like me


                      But me, I won't forget you